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artist's statement


To use the art of visual communication to stimulate a response in the viewer, not necessarily to create an exact reproduction of an object, but to create visual images that help people to gain knowledge and focus their thinking.

Artist's Statement
Nita Upchurch’s current illustrations mix realism and symbolism, creating a strong intellectual and emotional impact. Her work stays fresh by her study of classic art techniques, art history, and contemporary visual communication. These studies influence her creativity and method, and enrich her style.

Nita is skilled in various media and subjects. She enjoys unifying the client’s needs with her creative vision to produce innovative illustrations. Even though the media and subjects can be diverse, her work consistently emerges in a detailed, clean, classic style.

The Redefined Home LLC
“nita upchurch studio” is affiliated with “The Redefined Home LLC.” “nita upchurch studio” specializes in fine art and illustration art; “The Redefined Home LLC” provides unique interior redesign services for homes and small offices. Both reflect Nita’s desire to provide personalized service to those wanting experienced, creative, and unbiased design solutions for their living spaces.

Merging these businesses provides limitless creative possibilities to interiors. Original fine art or illustration art can be the perfect solution for a dynamic focal point, or fit a special wall dimension, or portray a particular subject such as a portrait or personal theme. Whether Nita personally creates the work of art or whether she commissions another artist, the client can rest assured that the artwork will add the perfect ambiance to the room.

“The Redefined Home LLC” blends Nita’s 30+ years of design experience in Fine Art, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Illustration with her knowledge of how people naturally interact with interiors and colors, and the ancient practice of Feng Shui. This wealth of creativity and services truly makes “The Redefined Home” a unique interior redesign service that enlivens rooms and those using the space.